Front End Repair & Brake Service in Bronx, New York

The technicians at American A-1 Auto Center in Bronx, New York, offer our customers a wide range of automotive services such as front end repair, brake service, and detailed state inspections.

Front End Repair
We provide a full range of front end mechanical repairs for all makes and models of cars, no matter the cause. The wear and tear of the streets of New York can take a toll on your car. This includes everything from struts, shocks, and tie rod ends to ball joints, springs, and basically everything that is included in repairing the front end of the vehicle.

If you feel that something isn't performing properly, bring in your vehicle and we will look it over for you and perform a test drive to determine the issue. This can usually be done while you wait or you may drop it off and return once we put the estimate together, and repairs are often done the same day.

Safe Vehicle for Family, Brake Service in Bronx, NY
Brake Services
We provide full-service brake repairs and maintenance for all makes and models, domestic and foreign. These services can usually be completed the same day you bring the vehicle in, and pricing varies depending on the severity of the problem and the make and model of the vehicle. Our technicians are knowledgeable and pinpoint the exact problem, and we will never charge you for repairs you don't need. Our brake services cover all components including:

• Front & Rear Brakes • Pads & Rotors • Calipers & Drums • Brake Lines & Hoses

State Inspections
Inspections are required once a year by the State of New York. Any issues discovered will be reported to you, along with estimates and options of any service needed. We also provide you with a clean bill of safety and current inspection decals. Inspections are $37, and cover vehicle components such as:

• Front End • Brakes • Rear & Headlights • Wiper Blades • Tires • Emission System

For any kind of maintenance, dealer-required or not, come to American A-1 Auto Center. We check air filters and fan belts, rotate and balance tires, change spark plugs and hose lines, and so much more! Basic maintenance checks are only $39, which include recommended repair and service assessments. Prices for maintenance provided as a result of the review vary, depending on the needs of the vehicle.

Contact us today in Bronx, New York, for more information about our affordable, professional auto repair services.